While making a home visit to this shack it was requested by the parents we help to add rooms to their house.  
Five people lived in a 12x12 room while the father, a skilled carpenter,  was trying to build a separate house near the shack as funds became available. 
Meanwhile the kids spent a lot of time at relatives homes because they did not have a kitchen or bathroom in their own home. 
Through the efforts of volunteers we were able to provide a motor home with kitchen and bathroom to use until additional volunteers helped with the construction of their new home. 
The kids attend summer camp and are active in youth activities, field trips and bible lessons at Pine Crest through Appalachian Ministries. (above)
Recently a farmer gave us a truckload of pumpkins and we took them to the farm and Lisa's kids and some of the neighborhood  kids decorated them. (right)

When we need lumber for a building project or for some repairs on our buildings we have a "do-it-yourself" method. Just take some logs to the mill and saw what you need.  These trees were blown down during a recent storm.
As I think about our ministry at the beginning of another year, I reflect on the old year and anticipate the new. Someone once said, “Hindsight is 20-20.” If this is true then we need to look at the past and figure out the things that were effective and the things that were a waste of time. The things that were effective should be the things that brought glory to God and the things that ministered to the people’s needs. In thinking about the things were a waste of time I remember one man’s concern about our ministry. Shortly after being commissioned as a missionary a person in leadership shared a concern that we don’t get so consumed with “sorting used clothes” to the point we loose sight of our ministry. I can’t think of anything I would consider a “good” distraction.  

Ministers as well as missionaries often fall into this trap. We can get so consumed with the needs we forget the one who promised to supply our need. With our limited vision it is hard to prevent every distraction. Maybe this is the reason our hindsight is so clear. It is natural to make mistakes but it is foolish to make the same ones over and over. In less than three years, God willing, I will celebrate fifty years in ministry. I’m still learning and making adjustments. Please bear with me as I “Press toward the mark.”