Welcome to our site. Browse around for a few moments and relax. Slow down the hectic pace of life and leave here with a smile. We are spending our lives sharing a love story with the children and families of Appalachia. Every individual will have memories of childhood, we will help make many of their memories good ones!

Our ministry is relationship driven.  We have created a family with our network of friends and supporters, with the children we work with and their families.   
Outreach programs are directed by Christian individuals.   We don't teach theology or argue the fundamentals of the Christian faith-- we have water balloon relays, we have scavenger hunts, we have classes where simple Bible stories and morals are shared.  Many of our kids come from dysfunctional homes with drug and alcohol use. Many are single parent homes or moms living with their boyfriends.  All are low income.    
The history of this outreach goes back to 1948 when Naomi Randall began to minister to the needs of local children.  After the death of Naomi, new leadership created a sponsorship program inspired by the rich history of Pine Crest Youth Center.  The camp sold but the children's ministry continues on a farm the Lacys purchased.  
Pine Crest Appalachian Ministries is an integrated auxillary of the Middlefork First Church of God. 

Join us on a remarkable journey through the mountains and into the hearts and lives of children as we teach Christian values, stress education and hard work and preach salvation, love and acceptance. My name is Lisa and I will be your guide through this wonderful world.  
-- Lisa 

Appalachi Ministries, Inc./ Pine Crest Appalachian Ministries
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