Through outreach programs, we have settled into a schedule of seasons.  
Beginning in March/April we host several Easter Parties.
Our Easter Bunny makes appearances at local daycares, schools and the nursing home.
After Easter we go into hosting summer workcamps. 
 Most church groups bring people to do construction and also do VBS, etc.
June is filled with field trips, activities and VBS daycamps.
(Before Covid) Each July we host a fireworks show and picnic and volunteers repair homes.
In August we distribute school clothes and host volunteers.
In October we host fall festivals with games and cookouts.
October, November and December we work on Christmas. 
In November we distribute food boxes to as many families as possible.
December we host Christmas parties and distribute gifts. 
We include Bible based lessons and crafts with our activities.
   Seasonal Outreach 
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