In the last few years, many people have commented on our need for a warehouse.  We have tried to do the best we could with what we had.  We would get loads of donations back to back, sometimes it would just be the trunk of a car or the back of a van.  Other times it would be a truck and trailer load and the next day another large load would be delivered to us.  We always appreciated  the donations but we didn't always have a place to put it so we would use a side deck between the buildings or the front porch that was added a couple of years ago. 
    In recent months we have had offers of financial support to build a warehouse.  We are stepping out on faith and starting by getting some land cleared.  We hope this building can be completed in the near future.  I you have thought of how much we needed a warehouse then we need your help, either with the actual construction or the finances for material.  Most of the construction will be done by volunteers but some things will have to be done by contractors. The dozer work was done by a neighbor who had cancer and a short time to live and he wouldn't take any money for the work, not even for fuel.  If you can help, even in a small way, it will be greatly appreciated. 
If you haven't been to our facility, the picture on the left is the porch on the lodge and the one on the right shows bags that were unloaded to be sorted.
It's hard to believe the pictures I posted of the dozer work a week ago is now the concrete pad for the warehouse. 
Update on the warehouse:
On Monday, June 6, 2021 a group of church folks from Edmore, Michigan began work on the walls for the warehouse.  In spite of the rain every day a lot of work was done.  Treated 2 X 6 boards were bolted to the concrete with anchors.  Walls from timber sawn on our band mill were used to frame the walls.  With the price of plywood I decided to "storm-box" the building.  If you haven't heard of this method, neither had the men doing the work.  We look forward to other groups coming in and building on what these folks started.  We appreciate the hard work they invested in our mission.  While the men were working construction the ladies were busy helping to get shoes and clothing together for the area children.