In the last few years, many people have commented on our need for a warehouse.  We have tried to do the best we could with what we had.  We would get loads of donations back to back, sometimes it would just be the trunk of a car or the back of a van.  Other times it would be a truck and trailer load and the next day another large load would be delivered to us.  We always appreciated  the donations but we didn't always have a place to put it so we would use a side deck between the buildings or the front porch that was added a couple of years ago. 
    In recent months we have had offers of financial support to build a warehouse.  We are stepping out on faith and starting by getting some land cleared.  We hope this building can be completed in the near future.  I you have thought of how much we needed a warehouse then we need your help, either with the actual construction or the finances for material.  Most of the construction will be done by volunteers but some things will have to be done by contractors. The dozer work was done by a neighbor who had cancer and a short time to live and he wouldn't take any money for the work, not even for fuel.  If you can help, even in a small way, it will be greatly appreciated. 
If you haven't been to our facility, the picture on the right is the porch on the lodge and the one on the left shows bags that were unloaded to be sorted.
We are finally making some progress after several setbacks.  A group of volunteers did a great job getting some more framing done.
Update on the warehouse:
On Monday, June 6, 2021 a group of church folks from Edmore, Michigan began work on the walls for the warehouse.  In spite of the rain every day a lot of work was done.  Treated 2 X 6 boards were bolted to the concrete with anchors.  Walls from timber sawn on our band mill were used to frame the walls.  With the price of plywood I decided to "storm-box" the building.  If you haven't heard of this method, neither had the men doing the work.  We look forward to other groups coming in and building on what these folks started.  We appreciate the hard work they invested in our mission.  While the men were working construction the ladies were busy helping to get shoes and clothing together for the area children.  
It has been awhile since I updated the progress on the warehouse.  I was hit in the face by a tree limb while cutting timber to use in the construction of the warehouse and had to have a couple of surgeries to repair the damages.  My nose was broken as well as my jawbone.  It took plates and screws to take care of the injuries.  After getting back to sawing lumber to use for floor joists and studs I had an infection in the hardware that was put in my face and had to have surgery to remove it.  After 3 days in the hospital I am now recovering once again.  This has caused another delay but hopefully I will soon be able to get back to work.  Money for construction is also coming in and, hopefully, we will have sufficient funds to finish the building.  Your prayers are desired as we continue working on a much needed addition to the ministry.

2021 uptate:
After Christmas is over and a new year begins, we usually breathe a sigh of relief. Christmas is the most demanding and at the same time the most rewarding event for PCAM. This year was a little different for Harley and myself. We had discovered that several floor joists were rotted and broken under the little country church I pastor. Harley helped me and we sawed new floor joists on my sawmill to replace the bad ones. We were working under the church in the mud and cold getting the church in shape to have services once again. The floor was actually unsafe and with the Covid 19 raging we canceled services for a time.

On January11th I was to have carpal tunnel surgery and when we got to Lexington for my surgery Sue had chest pains and had to be taken to the Emergency Room. After the normal procedures like a heart cath and stress test she had to have a stint installed. After she got able I then had the surgery and as soon as I could I had the other hand done.  

The first Sunday in April we were able to get back to having church. Most of the churches were having church on Facebook or having parking lot church. During the first week of April we also started clearing the trees for a place to build a much needed warehouse. We cut several trees and got them our of the way and then got a dozer to come and prepare the site for a concrete slab for the building. By the end of April we were ready for the concrete to be poured. It began to look like progress! 

I worked a few days as a Bailiff but spent every day I could sawing lumber for the new warehouse. I don't have time to go into all the flat tires, dead batteries and other things we deal with from day to day. In early June we had our first group of volunteers to come to work on the warehouse. I was elated to see some wall going up, my desire was to get the building under roof before winter. The week after the volunteers left I was logging and was hit in the face with a tree limb. Again, I won't go into detail but had to have facial reconstruction because of all the bones in the left side of my face was shattered. Four different doctors at different times said it should have killed me. Needless to say, my construction slowed to a crawl. I did some sawing to finish enough floor joists for the next group of volunteers that were scheduled to come. We had our next group on June 20th. They didn't do much construction work but helped to get logs to the sawmill and saw them into lumber.  

Once again, health problems presented themselves. The parts that were put in my face to support my left eye became infected and had to be removed. Due to the Covid problem I had to wait in the Emergency Room for 2 ½ days before an operating room came available. There wasn't any rooms available so they kept me waiting in the ER. Finally got the surgery and got to go home.

I had another group of volunteers to come in November and they did an amazing job, they got the floor joists on one-third of the building and got the sub-floor nailed down and was able to cover it with a tarp to get through the winter. They also put some wood on the walls that were standing. While they were doing construction the ladies that came with them were busy wrapping Christmas gifts for the children in the sponsorship program. Once again, we can't do this ministry without help.  

I'm not really trying to break your heart, but that's not the end of my problems. When the group of volunteers were getting ready to leave, I went to show them a trail that would lead to the cliff line where they could see the beautiful fall colors. As I was walking back to my truck I stepped in a hole and broke my left leg. Spent four weeks in a cast and four weeks in a boot on crutches.  

My desire is now to get the warehouse under roof before next winter. I also hope I don't have the same problems to deal with. I pray for the Lord to send more volunteers for the coming year.
As the families came to pick up their Christmas gifts, Santa was waiting to take a picture of each child and also take family pictures.  Lisa had families scheduled every 10 minutes.  We had people picking up on Friday from 3 to 6pm, on Saturday from 11 to 6pm and again on Sunday from 2 to 6pm.  Snacks and drinks were available for everyone.  Thanks to all who helped make this possible. 
2022 Update:
I am pleased to update the progress on our warehouse construction.  After a very trying year last year we are getting back to work once again and once again we had help from Edmore, MI.  I had been working getting trees cut and logs moved to the sawmill.  Sawing those logs into usable lumber took a lot of time and work but we had almost everything ready for the workers to do.  I can now report the walls have been framed for the first floor and all the floor joists and X-bracing has been installed.  The next project will be nailing the flooring in place for the second floor.  After that the second floor walls will be built and then the rafters and roof.  as you can probably guess, we still have a long way to go.  Most of the flooring is cut and waiting to be nailed down but I have some logging and sawing to do to get ready for the roof.  We are so thankful to be this far along.  We are also thankful for those who have helped financially on this much needed project.

If you start at the bottom of this page and move up you can see the progress from a wooded hillside to where we are now.  Hopefully I will be able to share more good news as we continue working.  If you want to be involved in construction, we invite you to join us.  If you want to help financially, we always need money for materials or even sawblades and nails.  Thanks to each group that has made this much possible and thanks in advance to those who will yet get involved.