Christmas, the celebration of God's gift of love to us, is a special time for our mission outreach programs here in Eastern Kentucky.  
Not only is it a time when children are taught the Christmas story from the Bible, but it is a time when we distribute food boxes, toys, clothes and gifts to children in our programs and also dozens we have never met but are referrals from socal workers, police and fire department personnel, pastors, school teachers and relatives notifying us of children who won't receive Christmas gifts without help. 
We have never said no to the needs of children in the counties we serve. 
Each child receives at least 7 wrapped gifts. 
If you are interested in helping with Christmas, review our shopping list of ideas.
Money is always appropiate to help purchase last minute gifts, to provide gas money for delivering gifts or food for Christmas parties with the children.
We begin work on Christmas during the month of October.  If sending gifts, please ship them in time for distribution.
For additional information, email 

Christmas Shopping List: 
blankets, sleeping bags, sheet sets
towels, wash clothes, toiletries 
flashlights with batteries
battery chargers, jumper cables 
radios, alarm clocks, personal CD players ($10 at the dollar store!) 
gift certificates
jeans, sweat pants, men's jackets
shoes, socks, underwear
barbie dolls and barbie clothes
jewelry sets
watches for boys, teens
mittens/gloves for head start 
journals, photo albums, diaries
Gifts wrapped and ready to be delivered for Christmas
These are pictures of some of the gifts prepared to give children for Christmas.  When you see photos of children holding gifts received from Appalachian Ministries, not only did the gifts come from us but also most of the clothing they are wearing came through this ministry.