Many years ago Lisa found a relatively flat place while walking in a wooded area.  She told me about it and felt it would be a good place to build a building we could use for our sponsorship program.  It could also serve as a community center and other uses as they came up.  I looked at the place and it did show promise.  We began to tell churches and groups about our desire to build this building.  I place this story in the "Archives" and see if you can tell this is the beginning of the Lodge that sits there today.  We've been able to add a front porch and deck over the years and now there is a dorm attached at the distant end of the building.  Just a history lesson and also a note of appreciation for all the donations and workers that have made this possible.

2022 Update:
I am pleased to update the progress on our warehouse construction.  After a very trying year last year we are getting back to work once again and once again we had help from Edmore, MI.  I had been working getting trees cut and logs moved to the sawmill.  Sawing those logs into usable lumber took a lot of time and work but we had almost everything ready for the workers to do.  I can now report the walls have been framed for the first floor and all the floor joists and X-bracing has been installed.  The next project will be nailing the flooring in place for the second floor.  After that the second floor walls will be built and then the rafters and roof.  as you can probably guess, we still have a long way to go.  Most of the flooring is cut and waiting to be nailed down but I have some logging and sawing to do to get ready for the roof.  We are so thankful to be this far along.  We are also thankful for those who have helped financially on this much needed project.

If you start at the bottom of this page and move up you can see the progress from a wooded hillside to where we are now.  Hopefully I will be able to share more good news as we continue working.  If you want to be involved in construction, we invite you to join us.  If you want to help financially, we always need money for materials or even sawblades and nails.  Thanks to each group that has made this much possible and thanks in advance to those who will yet get involved.
The group of men on the right are from the Midland First Church of God.  They worked on getting the roof ready for metal and cut in a couple of windows.  Pastor Bush Stevenson is the third from the left.  Thanks for all your help.
These men on the right are from the Winton Road Church of God.  They brought food boxes for 55 families to provide needed items for Thanksgiving.  They have been doing this for several years and are a great blessing to many needy people in our area.
It has been awhile since I updated the progress on the warehouse.  I was hit in the face by a tree limb while cutting timber to use in the construction of the warehouse and had to have a couple of surgeries to repair the damages.  My nose was broken as well as my jawbone.  It took plates and screws to take care of the injuries.  After getting back to sawing lumber to use for floor joists and studs I had an infection in the hardware that was put in my face and had to have surgery to remove it.  After 3 days in the hospital I am now recovering once again.  This has caused another delay but hopefully I will soon be able to get back to work.  Money for construction is also coming in and, hopefully, we will have sufficient funds to finish the building.  Your prayers are desired as we continue working on a much needed addition to the ministry.