The Making of a Princess....
To make a princess one must begin with a child.  And you must be able to see her heart.  Is the heart scarred?  Older than its years?

It is of no consequence.  

Every little girl needs to be a princess to someone.. such obstacles only mean that at that moment she deserves it more than others. 

You need to lean over and look into her eyes and see what she can be--not what everyone else sees.. not what she sees.. You have to take away the limitations and show her unconditional love.  You must teach her to see a new future.. then you begin.. 

First you simply call her a princess. 

Then you need a dress...yes...a dress is necessary...and a hair bow and a doll.. or two dolls.. maybe three with pink dresses and long hair that can be brushed with little doll brushes.
A princess must have shoes...pretty shoes or shoes she is made to believe are pretty even if they are scuffed from too many years wear on the feet of another before being tossed into a box for charity.
To be a princess one must have princess hair. You must brush her hair and fix it even if it is chopped off unevenly and the bow from the warehouse is dirty from the sawdust of too many years construction.

You look at her and you smile your brightest smile because she will be looking for your approval.  

You must tell her she is beautiful.

Repeat the words until her doubts have vanished and she smiles with you.

Then give her a mirror, a pink mirror or a pocket mirror or her reflection on a tilted piece of glass so she can see what she has become.

The day will be with her forever, the transformation nearly complete with an hour of your time and tossed away items that belonged to a child richer than her.  She will see her worth and when she looks into the mirror, even if you are no longer beside her, she will see the princess that was created from a faded little girl.                                                    
-- Lisa